Five Step Recipe for Food and Beverages Success at Le Chateau Frontenac

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City is not just the most iconic property in this provincial capital city, but also all of Canada. To be the Executive Chef of this property is more than just a position, it is to be the flag-bearer for the cuisine of the hotel, city, region and in fact the entire Quebecois population. This is no small order! Add to this the task of realigning the entire F&B for this 611-room property as part of a $75 million renovation.

Enter Executive Chef Baptiste Peupion, determined to reclaim the property’s leadership in the F&B arena. As Chef Peupion explains, “The property was resting on laurels established many, many years ago. The good news was that there were no sacred cows and no one who would feel put out by reorganizing the entire F&B concept.”

The work was so extensive that someone visiting the property prior to the renovation would not recognize any of the new outlets or locations. The lower level (terraces) occasion restaurant was converted into a dining space for groups and meeting rooms. The main floor dining room, bar

How to Rent a European Villa

Why spend your European vacation in a small, pricey hotel room when you can rent a private villa?

If the words “because I can’t afford it” are about to roll off your tongue, allow me to interject. While “villa” tends to be synonymous with “exorbitant,” infinity pools, panoramic vistas and private paths to the beach aren’t as out of reach as you might think. You just have to know what to look for, and when. To that end, here are five tips for getting your own exclusive country estate — if only for a week.

1. Nab a couples deal Take, for instance, The Thinking Traveller, a villa rental company based in London. The company’s website has special offers on large villas available only to couples, or couples with a pre-school-age child. Just one of the villa’s bedrooms will be made up when you arrive (the bedroom considered to be the best), and while you must sleep in that particular room, you nonetheless get the entire villa and its grounds to yourself. The

At Some Resorts It is Always Island Time

From messages written in rose petals on your bed to private dinners on the beach, exotic resorts regularly engage in fantasy fulfillment. Extending their fictional spell, a clutch of Greenwich-Mean-Time-defying resorts have adopted their own time zones, adjusting the clock to their purposes.

In Cambodia, the private island resort of Song Saa has been cavalier with the clock since it opened three years ago. Management calls it “island time” and sets all the clocks forward an hour to allow guests to catch sunrise at a more rested time. The resort’s boats, used for arrivals and departures, run on mainland time schedules in order to sync with real-time flights.

Two Four Seasons properties in the Maldives, Kuda Huraa and Landaa Giraavaru, both run an hour ahead of official time to extend daylight for guests.

For more prosaic reasons, the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita has long kept Central time, originally an hour ahead of its municipality’s Pacific time, to stay in sync with the airport in nearby Puerto

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Doing This Gave Us More Privacy and Fun

I had been to a lot of bachelorette parties over the years. At almost every one that I went to, there were always a lot of strange guys that would come try to hang around us. This is because many of them thought that a group of drinking females meant that they would have a better chance of meeting one. I wanted to have a party before my wedding that did not involve a bunch of unwanted males hanging around us. I found this really cool website at that said that I could rent a bus and have my party inside of it.

My plan was to make it so that the bus would take us between a few clubs so that we could dance. As soon as any males came around, we could simply leave, jump on the bus and move on to the next club. Continue reading

The pleasure of taste is a right not a privilege

Just a few years ago, hoteliers looked disdainfully upon the appearance of collaborative accommodations websites. They were certain that an offer that provided no standards or guarantees of comfort could have a real future. And yet, seduced by the playful aspect of online booking, by the idea of sharing an experience with the owners, by attractive prices with respect to hotels that have increased their rates, potential guests have jumped on the chance.

It’s a bit too late now to contain the ambitions of AirBnB and all the avatars born in its wake. It will take time and imagination to reconquer their catch because there is a real accommodations shortage on the big marketplaces that is not easy to compensate and also because it is necessary to invent a story for these clients who are demanding with regard to innovation and originality.

Already faring poorly, catering services don’t appear to be learning anything from hoteliers’ suffering. The sharing economy has made its way into all areas of the service, from automobile rental to DIY, from moving house to Sunday brunch. Catering services are the new playing field for all the “collaborative spirits” who wish to fatten up their wallets and share their